It’s not easy being bald!

I should know.

A woman’s hair helps to define her self-image and it’s usually one of her most prized characteristics! Small wonder we women spend so much time on it. I’ve been bald twice in my life, and both times it was an experience, to say the least. The last time I was bald was during chemotherapy – I’ve had breast cancer twice. Substantial time passed before I had a full head of hair again, but it’s once again down to my shoulders and it’s as thick as it orginally was, so I’m pleased. I still touch it sometimes, just to enjoy its texture and weight.

But the first time I was bald, (and it was a while ago), it was only for one day. I had a small role on an episode of “Alien Nation”, directed by the accomplished writer/director/creator/producer Kenneth Johnson. I played an alien (some say it was type casting!) who worked as a housekeeper for an abusive woman. Since the aliens on the series had bald heads covered in light-brown spots, the hair department heavily lacquered my long hair, plastering it against my head before gluing the latex alien skin over it and blending its edges into my own skin with makeup. It was quite a process – I don’t know how the regulars went through that every day! I only had one scene in the episode, but luckily for me, it’s now online in a feature about the “Alien Nation” series. The entire feature is very interesting and I encourage you to watch it all, but if you only want to see my little bit, scroll forward to 7:40. I come onscreen at 7:44 – standing on the right, wearing a sweater with a small pink flower pinned to it. Yes, the effulgence of my brilliance lasts for seconds and seconds! Do enjoy, and I don’t mind if you giggle at my alienness. It was fun. Thank you, Ken Johnson! See link below to watch.

Here’s the link: