The Castle

Mighty Edinburgh Castle, built on Castle Rock, has been besieged 26 times in the 1100 years of its existence. In the 16th century, much of the original castle was lost in a bombardment.

Just one example of the outcroppings that pop up throughout the Castle grounds.
Hence the name, Castle Rock.

One of the buildings to survive the bombardment of Edinburgh Castle is also its oldest, Queen Margaret’s chapel. The current building was erected by her son, David I, after she died at Edinburgh Castle in 1093. This chapel is thought to have been built to honor the spot on which she died. It’s small inside, but is lovely and bright and peaceful. Scroll down to see.

Margaret’s tiny chapel feels holy. It’s a happy place..

The stained glass window depicting Margaret, whom we know was beautiful.
Look at those Medieval stones!

On the wall opposite St. Margaret’s window is this replica of her 11th-century Gospel-book … which still exists! The original copy is held at the Bodelian Library at Oxford University.

In “As the Deer Yearns for Running Streams,” she receives this book as a young girl.
Since we don’t know when or exactly how she acquired it, I picked a date. The book fell into a river when she was an adult but was found several days later, undamaged by the water, except for one or two cover pages. It was proclaimed a miracle.

Small wonder people love Edinburgh.

Detail from Mary Philpott’s exquisite tile, used on the book’s cover.

Artist Mary Philpott –

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